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Our customers can pay cash using Euros, Japanese Yen, US Dollars, Pounds, Swiss Francs, or also Travellers Cheques issued by American Express in Euros, Japanese Yen and US Dollars.


Our shop is a Tax Free Shop. All guests who spend more than 154,94 Euros may benefit of a refund (TaxRefund) up to a rate of 12,5%.


At our cash desk you will get the Tax Refund format and all the information you need but the actual reimbursement will be honored only in the last European Community airport.

Residents in European Union can spend untill 2.999 euros in cash. To spend more than 3.000 euros it’s necessary to pay by Credit card, bancomat or check. We accept the most famous credit cards used all over the world. Recently we also started to accept ALIPAY payments.

Residents outside European Union can spend untill 15.000 euros cash but it is still necessary a copy of passport and sign a self-declaration if the amount to spend in cash is more than 1.000 euros.


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